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Small suction machines are industrial suction machines with a power consumption of between 1,5 and 15 kilowatts.  In this section, there are the most different types for all types of applications.

Apart from the standard suction machines we also have developed special machines for the electronics-industry. These have to fulfill some difficult to match standards like small use of ground space, absolutely low sound level, filtration of material with absolute filter  and a simple waste disposal of the absorbed material outside the installation place of the machine. The use of groundspace  amounts to only 500 x 500 mm, the height to 1700 mm. The filter installation is built as three-stage filter system and accommodated in the lower part of the machine house. As an extra a  level guard is available consisting of an electronic scale, whereby  only an alarm may be set off when filling is reaching maximum level, since the work of the production machine may not be interrupted. When the dust collector and/or filters are full, the container including dust bin and all filter installation is rolled out of the machine and serviced at a convinient place.

Specifically developed for the textile industry was a suction machine, whose filter installation cannot be impressed by accruing thread ends and fine material lints . The machines and their filters are easy cleaned and the accumulated material very simple exposed of.

Suction machine for automatic platine cutting machine

Below, you see two different types of Indutrial hoovers of our program in the conventional sense. They are available in the most different accomplishments and with filter installations that are cleaned in very different ways. The dust collector is below and can be driven away on rollers to a convenient place for emptying.

Suction machine for textile industries

Cleaning of textile machinery

Suction installations for the cleaning of toolmachines must suck the metal chips together with the coolant out of the tool machines and than lead back the absorbed coolant again into it

Below you see two of our wide range of these machines.

Industrial hoover - different types

All our units for the cleaning of lead machines etc. are sucking the metal chips together with the coolant, seperating chips and coolant inside the unit and pump the coolant back into the tool machine. While the smaller units use a seperate electric pump, the bigger ones, which have more powerful  suction pumps, use this one, reversing the airstream to do the job. Needless to say, that these machine as well are easy to maintain as all our equippment

Two of our tool cleaning suction machines

We hope to have given you some useful information about our range of small, mobile machines. We are not able to show all our products on this site. We only can give you some ideas about the technical means on keeping your costs of maintenance down by cutting time with the help of our machinery.    Of course, we also build machines completely according to customers needs.

We have many more machinery and auxiliary equipment to offer. You will understand, that we are not able to show everything here on this site. But on the following link we present you with a whole range of small and versatile suction machines for industrial use at a very reasonable price. 

PAD series

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