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Excrement is a product of both human and animal life. It is called various words - faeces, excrement, faecal matter, dung, poo and dirt. One popular vulgar expression is the word: 'shit'. Animals don't seem to find excrement repulsive; it is also very profitable to nature. Because this “shit” is a very good fertiliser since it contains a lot of nitrogen.. However human beings find it abominable and moreover know, that it is a big hazard to their health. So they want to get rid of it as quickly and effectively as possible.This aversion to excrement led to the invention of sewage systems in most civilized human settlements today: Where a sewage system cannot be provided, its funcion is supplied by gully-suckers. And this page is just about these vehicles. You can find here a couple of photos of all the common faecal tank cleaners:

A fecal tank cleaner works as follows:

The vehicle stands as close as possible to a cesspool and the crew hauls a hose-pipe down, manually or - on newer vehicles - by a crane - into a faecal tank. Then a pump is turned on. The pump is powered directly from the carīs engine (if based on car body) or by the cardan shaft of a tractor (if based on trailer) or by a separate engine. The pump sucks the air out off the cistern and the waste starts to flow in. filling of the cistern can be checked through a sight glass on the rear side. When the cistern is full, suction is stopped automatically by a level-guard to protect the pump from sucking in liquid - which will destroy the pump.                            When the cesspool is empty, the hose-pipe is pulled out and the gully-sucker under ideal conditions drives to the nearest field. The crew opens the drain pipe at the rear and the content of the cistern starts to spray out liquid manure to the farmland through a spout. Some vehicles are equipped with a special sprayer for uniform diffusion of such fertilizer. Then cereals or other crops are planted into the ground and in the end, we are all provided with superior production of food crops.

VACUTECH GHANA Ltd. will start to supply new and second hand sewage trucks, sewage trailers and their spare parts in Ghana.

Picture left shows a traditional sewage truck with a capacity of 10.000 liters. No freshwater for flushing, pump driven by the truck engine via power take off.

These models are quite affordable because they are simply built.

Picture right shows a small suction unit mounted on a van chassis.

The suction pump is driven either by pto and belt drive or by separate engine. If driven by separate drive, the unit can be placed on any other chassis capable of taking the weight of the unit while fully loaded.

 Picture right: This is a very small unit, here mounted on a towing trailer for vans. Capacity about 1.000 liter, driven by a small petrol or diesel engine.

The whole unit can also be mounted on a pickup truck or any other chassis capable of carriying the weight of about two tonnes when filled up. 

Even affordable for small towns and villages!


Our latest model of a cesspit cleaner: The smallest suction machine in the world specially designed for places with very limited access. This machine is driven by its own petrol engine and is mounted on a platform wagon which can be pushed / pulled by hand and towed over shorter distances by any vehicle.

The machine sucks out cesspits with a hose pipe and can be emptied either through the backdoor, a cock valve or with pressure through a hose pipe to more distand places as well.

These machines are just samples of our sewage equipment we have to offer. We will build up our web sites further according to the demand of our customers.

We are ready and capable of supplying pumps, and all parts of the suction system on sewage trucks like cocks, hose pipes, pulleys, drive belts and spare parts for blade pumps and most of the water ring pumps in use even on short notice..

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