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Our range of customers is expanding rapidly. Since we have to expand our internet presence as well.

Business was increasing very well with the cement industries in Ghana, including the supply of filters and silo trucks and trailers for the delivery of cement in Ghana.

To be able to inform our customers quickly about new developments regarding cement works supply we are opening this site specially for the cement industries. We will show here some of our silo-trailers which will enable a quick and reliable delivery of bulk cement to the building sites in all the different parts of Ghana.

Our here displayed transport equipment is used in the flour mills for the transport of flour and grain as well.

h-3 Axles Semi trailer Cement silo 30 - 34 m3 (single tire)

Left picture showing a new silo trailer for sale. They are available with compressor mounted on the trailer and without compressor. This type of trailer is not tipping but discharged by conical hoppers mounted under the body.

The here shown trailer is specially designed for rugged roads. The Body is made from steel, axles are suspended by steel springs for easy change and repairs. Compressor unit is mounted on the chassis.

The trailers can be used for cement, grain and any other free flowing material.

For all negotiations and futher details please contact Mr.Arkorful (see “contact)

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