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At the industrial waste disposal and recycling of most different materials as well as with the cleaning of industrial installations and machines, one technology has proved itself time and time again:  The suction systems.

Industrial waste is often not actual waste, but valuable raw material which can be re-used. Almost every type of material can be transported by air flow systems. Our installations are used for the transportation of

Coal, sand, earth, gravels, stone, grit, cement, plaster, graphite dust, plastic, mud, ray means, sand used in foundries, ash, sugar, salt and many other materials.

And something which doesn`t fit into the suction hose, is made matching to size by our accessory appliances.

By punktual sucking at the production machinery during and after the production process all materials can be removed neatly and without dust.

What`s more, clean machines and installations suffer less wear-and-tear, resulting in less downtime and higher productivity.

Our suction systems can be adapted to fit your requirements precisely and can be integrated into your installation. We design and fit suction systems for a vast range of applications.

To be fair, suction systems are an expensive type of material handling. However, often it is impossible to reach problem areas with any other conveyer system in production halls, on coal bunkers, between converyor belts etc.

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