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Latest news .... See our range of new durable sewage trucks manufactured for us in Germany.

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Rugged and durable sewage trucks

We are introducing to you our range of new sewage trucks of different sizes, which are constructed and built according to German safety and manufacturing standards with warranty

We are able to sell our sewage trucks much cheaper than other companies, because we do not install all the gadgets, which are not really necessary.

  • Backdoor opening manually
  • Locking of backdoor manually by screw.
  • No suction hose arm, the suction hose is coupled directly to the sewage tank inlet coupling.
  • The tank cannot be tipped.

On demand we add the hydraulic operation as requested.

Sewage suction units can be delivered also on a base frame without truck chassis - to be mounted on a trailer per example..In this case a drive engine will be fitted by us on that basic frame.

h-2-Achser einfach - Deckel oben-2

Sewage truck with 10 m capacity


Sewage truck with 3 m capacity


Sewage tank on base frame


Sewage truck with 2 m capacity

Sewage truck light on Mitsubishi

h-3-Achser einfach - Deckel seitlich

Sewage truck with 12 m capacity

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