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Garbage collection is neccessary to get rid of waste materials or domestic refuses. The word garbage is generally used to indicate solid household wastes which are composed of a few types of unwanted material produced through day-to-day household activities. A similar type of garbage is also produced by commercial sources such as hotels and restaurants, shops, offices and other business outlets.

Especially in towns and cities this waste materials should be collected regurlarily from the households, shops and markets to keep this places and their surroundings clean and therefore avoid poisonous fumes from burning the waste at site and keep rats away.

There are mainly two ways of collection:

Collection by refuse truck

This refuse truck is loaded with garbage either from sacks, garbage cans or by hand from the rear end and compacts the waste with a built in hydraulic press to get as much refuse into the truck as possible. The size of the garbage cans have to match with the fitted lifting device at the rear end of the truck (or vice versa)

picture: common refuse truck

Frontloaders are normally handling bigger garbage cans than common refuse trucks. They reqire a bigger working and maneuvring space, but can handle containers with a high volume of waste at a time.

refuse truck as front loader                  frontloader in action

Collection with container

The refuse also can be collected in bigger containers, which are placed at convenient places like near steet corners, empty sites etc.

The inhabitants livig nearby carry their garbage to the containers and these will be collected according to time schedule or when they are reported full by means of a Skip truck and emptied at a provided dump site. This system is very convenient for market places and sites, which are producing a bigger amount of waste in a short time.

Loading 6 m roll on-roll off container

According to the sizes and types of bigger containers, there has to be a matching type of container trucks The roll on-roll off type you see above. The skip type you see below.

Skiptruck loading 7m open skip

There are all kinds of containers for refuse collection available. They can be covered or open, they are of different sizes and materials. Please do not hesitate to ask us how to go about an efficient waste disposal. 

different types of garbage bins

7m skip with lids

VACUTECH GHANA Ltd. will help to create a healthier and cleaner environement in Ghana.

We will provide our customers with know how and the neccessary inputs to build up and maintain refuse collection systems. This includes the supply of trucks, containers, garbage bins etc.

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