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This part shows you our suction nozzles.

Suction nozzles are necessary in order to absorb the suction property off the "ground" into the suction hose.
Now, the "ground" is not always even. And here our big help begins through our suction nozzles. Are there for example heating pipes in ships or steam vessels, you use our "gap nozzle" , to remove incrustations off walls and ceilings of for example Incinerators, we have the "scrape nozzle", for the normal sucking the "standard nozzle" etc.

Gap nozzle

Scrape nozzle

A special construction is our "silo nozzle" for the evacuation of silos in cement works for example, that can take place only from above. The materials lying at the wall break in from time to time. The suction hose is buried and can neither be extracted nor free itself by sucking since no more suction air to create an air stream can enter the hose pipe. With help of our particular construction, the for the suction neccessary airstream always enters above the buried hose, this problem is solved - even if the hose is buried thirty feet deep!!

Heavy floor nozzle


Light floor nozzle

We hope to also have shown you here that we do not think only of suction machines and appliances.

We are of the opinion that very much depends on the man at the hose end. If his work is physically more easy, he can archieve more.

Standard nozzle

And to archive more means to increase productivity. If productivity is increased by the same effort, the profit of the operating company will increase. And that`s what it is all about.

In a short time we will present you our new online catalogue for our nozzles.

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