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Valves and fittings

There always has to be material transported from one point to the other one. 

It can be liquid or dry or gaseous. It can be transported through hose pipes, steel pipes, with conveyor belt or bucket elevator, with a tanker or tipper truck.

But the flow of material has to be channelled and controlled so that is is picked up and delivered exactly at the destination wanted and at a specified rate as well.

For that purpose man has invented valves and fittings. Some of them we are showing here.

Valve-0006 Valve-0007 Valve-0010 Valve-0036 Valve-0021 Valve-0030 Valve-0031
Valve-0027 Valve-0018 Valve-0037

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Fittings-0001 Fittings-0008 Fittings-0002 Fittings-0010 Fittings-0011 Fittings-0031 Fittings-0033
Fittings-0036 Fittings-0037 Fittings-0064 Fittings-0063 Fittings-0068 Fittings-0069

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However, valves and fittings will only be shipped in commercial quantities, since we are only selling high quality gadgets made to German DIN Standards.

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