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Cement silo trailers

On this page we are showing you some of our used cement silo trailers.

Generally there are two types of trailers for the delivery of cement and other free flowing dry materials: With compressor for the discharge mounted on the trailer and without compressor.

Trailers with compressor are very difficult to get second hand because they are not common. Normally the compressors are mounted on the truck head and connected by hose pipe to the trailers. The advantage of a trailer with compressor is that you can use any tractor head available for the trailers.

h-1229087425-24041-1996-1 h-1243926969-23121-2009-1

The pictures above on this site are showing some or our second hand silo trailers for sale. This type of trailer is not tipping but discharged by conical hoppers mounted under the body. This allows delivery to different customers a fixed amount of material.

All trailers can be used for cement, grain and any other free flowing dry material.

silo tipping02 silo tipping03

The trailers shown above are tipping trailers and discharged trough the outlet in the back. Here the whole amount of material is delivered at one go. The tractor head used needs a pto. driven hydraulic pump.

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