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Used second hand ex-army-trucks

Our ex-army-trucks are the ultimate transport vehicles for the country side with bad roads, big potholes, and ideal to evacuate foodstuffs from the rural areas. Although they are old if you look at the year of manufacture most of them are only slightly used because they had been on stand by in the German Army. They have been nicely sheltered in their halls - which are heated in the winter - they always had their regular maintenance.

And that is exactly how can sell them: Well maintained and in perfect condition with little mileage on the clock. 

Painting in the colors according to customers needs will be done on requirement. 


Mercedes Benz 1017 4 x 4 with 5000 liter tank


Mercedes 508 Petrol ambulance


MAN 15.240 4 x 4 with fuel tank 30.000 liter

Tractor watertank01

Towing trailer with water tank 1.500 liter


Mercedes Benz 1017 4 x 4


Ambulance inside


Mercedes Benz 1017 4 x 4 workshop truck. pictures on the right are showing the workshop equipment


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