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Mobile industrial suction unit. Electrical power requirement: 220 V AC, 2500 Watt. Air volume 300 m³/min. Only for dry materials. With 3 stage filters, therefore absorbing dust to 99,97 per cent. (Certified for asbestos with K1 filter according to european standard)

The machine is in good working condition.

Specifically developed for the textile industry was a suction machine, whose filter installation cannot be impressed by accruing thread ends and fine material lints . The machines and their filters are easy cleaned and the accumulated material very simple exposed of because the material will be collected in a paper bag.

The vacuum in the machine is created by a blade pump with very high suction power.

This fact together with the special designed filters is resulting in the capability to compress the sucked up debris in cotton or textile factories. .

Since these machines are used for demonstration purposes they are for hire as well.

Please contact Mr. Stein to make your arrangements.

Site updated: 23.10.2010

The machine is general overhauled and in excellent working condition.