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Rugged and durable used sewage trucks from Europe

We are introducing to you our range of second hand sewage trucks of different sizes, which are constructed and built according to German safety and manufacturing standards. They will – upon your demand – be sold with warranty as well.
All our sewage trucks shown here are built on MAN or Merrcedes Benz chassis, but other truck chassis of European make are available as well on request.
To be able to supply you with spare parts for your machinery, we are only selling European second hand sewage trucks.
Used trucks and machinery from Asia or the US are not available from VACUTECH GHANA Ltd.

Since our buying office is in Germany we can guaranty that all our second hand sewage trucks and their components are checked for proper working order and are serviced fully before shipment.

We want our customers to be happy because it is not easy to get customers for expensive machinery – but very easy to loose them. 
Our aim is that every client buying something from us will be our client for a long time. 

Good quality machinery and trucks are cheap. Because apart from the machines itself there has to be a reliable backup on spareparts as well.

Please have a look at our vehicles below and do not hesitate to contact our sales manager for further information.


Sewage truck 11.000 liter


Sewage truck 6.400 / 1.800 liter

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Sewage truck 11.000 liter


Sewage truck 14.500 liter


Sewage truck 10.000 liter

Sewage truck 14.000 liter